Controles y Medidores Especializados, are very proud to be a 100 % Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of electronic electricity meters of the MIAL METERING SYSTEMS brand to Interactive Measurement systems (Self-management), and Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI Smart Grids).

Our plant is located in Mexico State. We have first-level equipment and technology, allowing us the offer of products with an elevated qualitative standard, because the design and materials selected guarantee a reliable performance over time.
Our Meters
CP-16-12S Model Electronic Biphasic Electric Meter
CP-17SE-12S Model Electronic only Biphasic Energy Meter
CP-14-9SAI Model Electronic Three Phasic Electric Meter

In recent years, the national electric balance has been oriented to smart technologies, like in most of the Latin America countries, where there are many projects based on solution for smart grids and meters. Controles y Medidores Especializados is considered one of the best in this area, supporting the economic development in our country.