Electronic Three phasic electric meter

Electronic Three phasic electric meter of solid state to interactive system of electric energy, MIAL METERING SYSTEMS brand, model CP-14-16SAI; Star or delta connection, base type “S” (socket), shape 1 6S; 3 phases, 4 wires, 3 elements; class 30(200) A, 120-480 V, 60 Hz; exactitude of 0.2, directional and unidirectional register (net addition), active and reactive energy, peak demand, total history and monthly, consumption profile (Configurable intervals from 1 minute to 1 hour); LCD; without remote connection and disconnection, without quality energy, optical port, reset user button, without remote connection a disconnection, Certificated according to the CFE GWH00-09 y G0000-48.

The Ethernet meters are a group of AMI meters, which have in the inside an expansion module that provides them Ethernet communication IEEE 802.3. So this meters present a heavy duty cable, in their exterior with a RJ-45, this connect with the internet network.