AMI Cabinet of 12 to 14 Meters
Model: CP-14-CA1

The cabinet model CP-14-CA1, MIAL METERING SYSTEMS brand, involving the standard of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Certificated according to CFE G0100-05.

The cabinet is the element of AMI system which refuge:

a).- The monophasic meters model CP-14-GA1.

b).- The recollection of data system (model concentrator CP-14-DA1).

c).- The communication system to the read consumption monitors model CP-14-IA1.

d).- The communication system to smart wire.

Is a board that have the capacity to host 12 to 14 meters, which are used to configure the monophasic, biphasic or three phasic services.

The cabinet have a security handle, with a lock holder for bolt padlock or bolt receptacle and with an operation alarm, in case of unauthorized access form the inside.

Due to its armoring and feasibility to be mounted in poles, they are ideal to ensure the protection of the elements against vandalism, illicit uses in electricity meters in addition, it could be installed in an underground wire or in a wall, with connection points to the user house.