Electronic Monophasic for AMI cabinet
Model: CP-14-GA1

The monophasic meter model CP-14-GA1 MIAL METERING SYSTEMS brand, have the connection and guide elements to be installed in cabinets in arrangements of 12 to 14 meters, it is a high accuracy meter for the consumption of energy in remote metering, involving the standard of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), with meter reading, power cut, remote reconnection from the distribution electricity companies offices. Certificated according to CFE G0100-05.

Configurable settings to monophasic, biphasic, three-phase systems, with remote connection and disconnection devices of the user energy supply.

The consumption recorded for this meter communicate with the user through a “consumption indicator” which is connected to the electrical installation.

The meter have automatic configurable actions, like sending alarms and remote reading consumption.

It’s ideal against manipulation actions made it by the user and energy theft, because the user can’t interact with the meter.