Indicator Consumption Instrument (AMI)
Model: CP-14-IA1

The indicator consumption instrument CP-14-IA1, MIAL METERING SYSTEMS brand, have a Power Line Communication, in each meter CP-14-GA1 inside the cabinet, in order to guarantee the existing electrical wiring, connecting from any contact in the inside of the user dwelling, involving the standard of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Certificated according to CFE G0100-05.

Is the medium through visualize the record of electric parameters, the consumption (kWh), the reactive energy (kvarh), the peak demand (kW), the voltage (V) and the electric current (A) of the associate meter an information for the user in the comfort of their own home. It have the functionality of receiving SMS from the management system SIG-AMI [3 SMS of 24 bytes].Updates every 5 minutes or by increment of consumption kWh.